"Last night of my life" is a proof that we run too much through life and fail to live.

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Band members contribution:
Veaceslav Seremet - solo guitar, bass guitar, music arrangement
Elena Onica - rhythm guitar, piano, lyrics

Cinematography by Igor Sadovski & Roman Canțîr

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Last night of my life

I've lost my keys, I've lost my home, I'm walking on an empty road
No feelings in my bare soul, Today I'm gonna be by my own
The lights turn off and the moon is high, The owls are greeting me tonight
I'm going nowhere and I don't mind....

And I'm drowning in my own thoughts, I can't find the way back home
Cause everything just got no sense
And I'm trying to imagine if this was the last night of my life
Would I deserve a second chance.

I forgot the taste of a good life, I can feel just sour laps of time
Why am I here and what to do, maybe it's because I lost you
I need an answer for this feel, I need some strength I need it still
I can't believe that this is real...

I was unprepared for all these feelings warmed in pain
It seems like my soul started to sink in all this rain
And there's only thunder that's trying to clean all of my stains
I think I'm messed up but I wanna see all of them plain...
I tried so hard to get a chance to fix it all
I was unprepared to see that my universe will fall
And it is too late for anyone to save my soul
Cause I am no longer the same person that I used to know.

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